Current Projects and Resources

Current projects

This list of current projects relies entirely on self-registrations and only lists major projects (estimated to take at least several months to complete). 

To register your project, use the form on the register page (at any time). After registration, you will receive an email each year asking you to confirm that you are still working on your registered project or, if not, to withdraw it from this list.


Project title 



Werkkonfiguration bei Ausonius


Markus Kersten


Studien zu Claudians lateinischer Gigantomachie


Katharina Oft


Claudian's De consulatu Stilichonis: Spanish translation and notes


Vicente Flores Militello


Commentary on Claudian's De consulatu Stilichonis I


Georgios Taxidis


Coherence in Claudian's carmina minora


Wiebke Nierste


Vergleichende Elemente im bellum Geticum Claudians


Nora Kohlhofer


Commodianus, Carmen apologeticum:

Critical edition, translation, commentary


Christoph Schubert


Dracontius' Satisfactio

Introduction, critical edition, commentary


Maria Jennifer Falcone


Poétique de Dracontius dans son œuvre profane: Écrire une poésie

« digne de Romulus » en Afrique vandale


Annick Stoehr-Monjou


The Metrum super Numerum of the Heptateuchos poem: edition, translation, commentary


Francesco Lubian


La théologie de l'histoire dans l'Alethia de Claudius Marius Victorius: entre alliances et ruptures


Esther Falcon


Orientius, Commonitorium: édition critique accompagnée d'une traduction française et d'un commentaire


Lucie Martin

Commentary on Prudentius' Hymn to Romanus

(Peristephanon 10)


Thomas Tsartsidis



Sidonius Apollinaris, Panegyrici und Carmina minora: Übersetzung und Essay


Sigrid Mratschek


Friendship in the Merovingian kingdoms:

Venantius Fortunatus and his contemporaries


Hope Williard


Verse hagiography between epic, panegyric, and cult: Venantius Fortunatus' Vita Sancti Martini


Lorenzo Livorsi


Author, auctor, auctoritas – Authorship and exegesis in commentaries on Virgil


Ute Tischer


Space, place and identity in late Latin poetry


Helen Kaufmann


Bibliothek der lateinischen Literatur der

Spätantike: Bilingual editions (Latin - German)

of late antique Latin texts


Alexander Arweiler and Bardo Maria Gauly


Muse-Musse-Musseraum: Ausonius, Sidonius

Apollinaris, Enea Silvio Piccolomini


Henriette Harich-Schwarzbauer


Studies on the stylistics of late

antique epigramme


Florence Garambois-Vasquez


Vergleichende Untersuchungen zur mythologischen Kleinepik in der Spätantike


Henning Ohst





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h (Musisque deoque) (pede certo) (Joop van Waarden's Sidonius Apollinaris website) (Bianca-Jeanette Schröder's Ennodius website)

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