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Modulations and Transpositions: The Contexts and Boundaries of 'Minor' and 'Major' Genres in Late Antique Christian Poetry II

Wann: Freitag 15.12.2017 09:00 - Samstag 16.12.2017 17:00
Typ: Allgemein
Ort: University of Heidelberg


15th December

9-11.15 A Session: Epic and Geography

9.00: Discussion of the Lisbon Workshop by Hadjittofi, F. (The papers will circulate in advance)

9.30: Leppin, H. (Frankfurt a.M.): George of Pisidia and Discourses of War in Late Antiquity


10.45-11.45 B Session: Tragedy in hexameters

10.45: Wasyl, A. (Krakow) : The late Roman Alcestis
11.15: Lefteratou, A. (Heidelberg): Maria’s Lament in the Homeric Centos. A tragic monologue?


14.00-16.00 C1 Session: A Gospel Genre?

14.00: Accorinti, D. (Pisa): Did Nonnus really want to write a ‘Gospel epic’?
14.30: Otlewska-Jung, M. (Berlin): Giving the Gospel a classic touch: the case of Nonnus’ Paraphrase of the Gospel of John

15.30-16.00 C2 Session

15.30: Paschalis, M. (Rethymno, Crete) : The profanity of Jesus’ storm-calming miracle (Juvencus 2.25-42)
16.00: Belanger, C. (St. Andrews): Geographical Poetry as Christian Triumph? Evocations through style, mode and discipline in Priscian’s Periegesis


16th December

9.00-11.15: D1 Session: Cento and Hagiography

9.00: Ga?rtner, T. (Ko?ln): Die poetologische Selbstrechtfertigung spa?tantiker Bibeldichtung
9.45: Rigo, M-S. (Roma): Writing a Homeric-Christian poem: the case of Eudocia Augusta’s De S. Cypriano.

10.45-11.45: D2 Session

10.45: Livorsi, L. (Reading): How to praise a saint. The blurry boundaries of hagiography and panegyric in Late Antiquity
11.15: Czapla, R.G., (Heidelberg): Didaktisches Epos und Lehrgedicht Eine spa?tantike Gattungsdifferenzierung und ihre Rezeption in Mittelalter und Fru?her Neuzeit


14.00-16.00: E1 Session: Gregory and his Genres

14.00: Kuhn-Treichel, T. (Leipzig): Mentioning Poets and Genres in Gregory Nazianzen’s Poems
14.30: Agnosini, M. (Pisa) Generic Interplay and Modulations in Gregory Nazianzen’s Poem II 1,45 (On the Sufferings of His Own Soul, PG 37.1353-78)

15.30-17.00 E2 Session

15.30: McDonald, J. (Glasgow): Gateway Poetry: The Biblical Poems (Carmina 1.1.11-27) of Gregory Nazianzen

16.00: Round Table discussion with G. Agosti.

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